{:en}AirBridgeCargo will track the goods using the technology of “Internet of things”


Largest Russian cargo carrier AirBridgeCargo (part of group “Volga-Dnepr”) and provider of rental, maintenance, and repair of aviation containers Unilode Aviation Solutions introduced the technology of “Internet of things” (Internet of Things; IoT), which will allow you to track the transportation of goods both on the ground (on the platform in warehouses), and in the air.

According to the airline, this is supposed to mount special sensors measuring containers and palatum Unilode used for AirBridgeCargo Boeing 747 aircraft. Sensors operating in the power saving mode Bluetooth (BLE v. 5.0.), will not only track all containers, but also to read the environment parameters: temperature, humidity, light and shock effects. According to ABC, the new technology will provide 100% transparency in the process of moving cargo.

Before the introduction of a system of cargo tracking remains to test sensors and equipment installation on the containers. You will also need to install readers for reading information in the locations of goods in transit (in the warehouses and agents handling freight). You will also need to build the IT infrastructure for the efficient transmission of signals.

According to the Director of AirBridgeCargo Sergey Lazarev, the introduction of IoT technology is especially important for the transportation of special types of cargo such as, pharmaceuticals, as well as for transportation of animals, etc.

In July of this year AirBridgeCargo in cooperation with the British partner carrier CargoLogicAir agreed with SITAOnAir on the implementation of the joint project with the use of IoT. We are talking about an open platform that enables efficient monitoring of sensitive pharmaceutical products in real time during the flight. While this is only one of its kind solution on the market (still to monitor perishable and temperature sensitive goods was only possible in conditions of the airplane and cargo on the ground).

From January to October, AirBridgeCargo airlines increased its cargo volumes by 3.5% to 482 thousand tons.


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