{:en}And CargoLogicAir AirBridgeCargo joined cargo online aggregator


Cargo airline owned by businessman Alexei Isaikin — Russian AirBridgeCargo (ABC) and the British CargoLogicAir (CLA) was connected to the online platform for booking transportation of goods cargo.one. As reported in ABC, it will enable small and medium-sized turnover forwarders to book cargo capacity on international flights ABC and CLA with instant confirmation.

Reservation of carriage capacity on the portal will be possible later this summer. To do this in the near future airlines will have to work on the integration of the cargo.one with the internal system carriers.

“Participating in cargo.one and placing the cargo tank through this platform, we provide our customers — existing and potential -, medium-and small — more digital solutions for booking cargo on our flights,” said Robert van de Weg, Vice President of sales and marketing of group of companies “Volga-Dnepr”, which includes AirBridgeCargo.

Work through an online aggregator, is expected to allow Russia’s largest cargo airline to find new orders and increase the volume of traffic on the background of reduction in demand on the market. For the first four months of this year AirBridgeCargo cargo turnover decreased by 8.4%, and the maternal “Volga-Dnepr” — 41.3%.

Online platform cargo.one was launched in 2017 and has headquarters in Berlin. Now it has about 200 forwarding companies and more than a dozen airlines. Earlier to cargo.one joined the cargo division of Lufthansa and Finnair.

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