{:en}E-commerce: new challenges for airports


According to the statistical studies of the global volume of cross-border trade is growing annually by about 15%. In accordance with research by McKinsey & Company for 2017, about 80% of cross-border B2C shipments are delivered by air transport. To participate in a growing business want to not only airlines but also airports. However, the specificity of the e-Commerce market dictates new rules for its participants.

One of the priorities of Alibaba in the coming years — to reduce the delivery time for online purchases worldwide up to 72 hours

As a greater number of parcels have a higher average order value, consumers are demanding greater transparency, security and speed of delivery and low prices. As noted by Deputy Director General for international business of “Mail of Russia” Denis Ilin, according to their estimates, in the final market value of goods cross-border e-commerce share of costs for the whole complex of logistics operations is about 17%, of which only 8% is directly cost long haul transportation.

Faster, better, cheaper

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