{:en}”Il” showed the project of wide-body aircraft Il-96-500T


Aviation complex to them. S. V. Ilyushin (JSC “Il”; the parent company of the transport units of the KLA) has developed the project of wide-body aircraft Il-96-500T, gave TASS with reference to the presentation of the company. The aircraft, which is supposed to be done on the basis of the existing cargo model, the Il-96-400, will have an enlarged fuselage and can be used for transportation of oversized cargo, including delivery of elements of the missile “Angara” at the cosmodrome East.

In addition to the enlarged upper part of the fuselage Il-96-500T is different from other modifications of this model hinged head, as well as additional supports in the front of the plane and a retractable cargo ramp. As noted in the “Il”, width and height of the cargo compartment of the aircraft will provide transportation 100% unique and indivisible goods on the market, including space-rocket, aviation and marine equipment, and oil and gas equipment — to a distance of 4360 km with a payload of 80 t. in addition, the cargo compartment dimensions allow to transport a large part of promising goods.

When designing the Il-96-500T specialists of PJSC “sludge” analyzed the experience of operating specialized aircraft Airbus A300-600ST Beluga and the Boeing 747-400LCF Dreamlifter, used to transport large aircraft components.

“Foreign experience shows that the optimal solution for transportation of space rockets of heavy and superheavy class and other oversized cargo is the development of multiple instances of specialized aircraft vehicles based on existing passenger aircraft-discoplanet”, — stated in the presentation “Il,” appeared on the Internet.

It the plane is compared to super heavy transport An-124, an existing Park which a is declining. “Despite the outstanding capacity, the An-124 — like other aircraft-vysokopilya focused on the transportation, industrial (oil and energy) equipment as well as armored vehicles and other weapons systems, poorly adapted to transport the launch vehicle, upper stages and other relatively light, but overall rockets”, — noted in the presentation.

With only 2026 by 2034 PJSC “Il” is planning to build 16 new aircraft type. Six armed forces intended for the defense Ministry, six can be delivered to commercial customers through the leasing company “Ilyushin Finans Ko.” (IFK). Four Il-96-500T proposes to make in the interests of “Roscosmos” and China-Russia Commercial Aircraft International Corporation (CRAIC) — Russian-Chinese joint venture to create a wide-body airliner CR929.

According to estimates aircraft manufacturer, the cost of the prototype, including research and development work, preparation of production, as well as testing and certification, will amount to 30.3 billion rubles. Serial Il-96-500T with a series of five aircraft will cost 12 billion rubles, the payback period for commercial exploitation will take 10 to 12 years; the project can take from 5 to 7 years.

As reported TASS in the “Roskosmos”, the Corporation is interested in the beginning of the production and operation of aircraft Il-96-500T. The representative of IFK in conversation with ATO.ru did not comment on this project.

A source close to the KLA told ATO.ru that the project Il-96-500K was developed in a period when PJSC “Il” was directed by Alexey Rogozin, the son of the current head of the Roscosmos, Dmitry Rogozin. In today’s guide, “Il” the project is not likely to be implemented, the source said.

In the “Il” at the request of the ATO.ru to speak about perspectives of implementation of the project Il-96-500T did not answer.

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