{:en}Lithuanian Avia Solutions Group has bought Bluebird cargo airline Nordic


Lithuanian private multidisciplinary Avia Solutions group (ASG) announced the acquisition of Icelandic, Bluebird cargo airlines Nordic (code IATA: BF). Purchase operator, based in Keflavik airport (code IATA: KEF), will expand business opportunities ASG as in wet lease (ACMI) and in the field of transportation.

The need to purchase

The acquisition of Bluebird Nordic took ASG to enter the market for ACMI services in the cargo sector of air transport. Still Lithuanian group belonged to the airline providing the aircraft only for passenger transport. With the purchase of a Bluebird Nordic available to ASG becomes seven certificates of operators in five countries.

Seven airlines Avia Solutions group is a Lithuanian KlasJet (business of transport) and Avion Express, SmartLynx Latvian Airlines, a division of SmartLynx Estonia, divisions of Avion Express and SmartLynx in Malta, Icelandic, Bluebird Nordic. In total, the parks of these carriers more than fifty aircraft.

In an official statement about Bluebird Nordic Gediminas Iemelis, founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ASG recognizes that transportation was not the focus of attention of the Lithuanian group. Top Manager do not mind that the volume of world air transportation market decline.

The Boeing 737 Icelandic, Bluebird cargo carrier Nordic at the airport in Athens (Greece); 2018 :: Róbert1982 / Wikimedia Commons

“Unlike the business of transportation on long-haul wide-body aircraft demand for the transportation of goods using single-aisle aircraft, driven by the development of e-Commerce and other factors, is rapidly growing”, — commented on Umalis.

Bluebird Park Nordic consists entirely of narrowbody aircraft from Boeing.

Profile Bluebird

Bluebird cargo carrier Nordic (2017 — Bluebird Cargo) was created in 1999 by a group of local companies and individuals with experience in the aviation industry, is listed on the website of the Icelandic airline.

From the very beginning Bluebird Nordic has provided services to major airlines, Express companies and postal services. The carrier also offers the service for export and import cargo to/from Iceland, flying to hundreds of destinations worldwide.

At Bluebird Nordic has the necessary licenses and experience in the transportation of most kinds of goods — fresh fish, perishable food, pharmaceuticals, animals, dangerous goods, etc. the Icelandic airline has the right to work without restrictions in the framework of the European Union, as Iceland is a member of the European economic area. In addition, the island nation has extensive bilateral agreements with different countries around the world, which gives Bluebird Nordic greater flexibility in the provision of services through a private flight, if necessary, indicated on the website of the airline.

Now in the airline’s fleet of 6 Boeing 737 Classic: 1 B-737-300 5 B-737-400; the average age of the fleet is 27 years. All of them in January, flew for other carriers: Swiftair (Spain), ASL Airlines Belgium (Belgium), Poste Air Cargo (Italy), European Air Transport Leipzig (Germany).

At Bluebird Nordic has its own technical team carrier by the Icelandic aviation authorities as the MRO organization and has its own EASA Part 145 and Part M. the airline can perform to the forms A4-Check, inclusive. Recall that in the ASG includes the technical provider FL Technics.

Cargo development

At the time of purchase Bluebird Nordic Lithuanian ASG was already present in the field of logistics and transportation. The group included British Magma Aviation (an air operator certificate has not), which manages a fleet of four cargo Boeing 747-400F (obtained in 2018-2019.).

On the website Magma Aviation stated that the company may arrange shipment worldwide, but lately pays special attention to Africa and North America. The main base for Magma Aviation — Liege (Belgium) and Hahn (Germany), as these airports are connected with the European motorway network.

ASG also controlled by the two companies in the field of logistics and Express delivery — Chapman Freeborn OBC and Logik Logistics. These two operator and Magma Aviation are part of the British group Chapman Freeborn.

On the background of Brexit the acquisition of the Icelandic airline for ASG looks timely and interesting. Icelandic airline with its own air operator certificate and narrow-body cargo planes will add flexibility and diversity of services of the Lithuanian group in the field of logistics.

According to managing Director Nordic Bluebird Stein Logs Bernson, the carrier expects ASG actions aimed at strengthening and growth of the airline. Bluebird Nordic expects further development, diversification of portfolio of services and improving the work, specified in the message of the Lithuanian group.

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