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Latvian airline RAF-Avia has come a long way from the carrier for a single enterprise to a fully independent operator. Two years ago, RAF-Avia, specialized in the transport of goods, with an average volume of up to 5 t, opened a new business segment — passenger and making plans to replenish the fleet mainline jet aircraft.

The story of RAF-Avia starts in 1990, when it was founded by an aviation unit of the Riga bus factory (rīgas Autobusu Fabrika, RAF; he worked from 1949 to 1998) for the delivery by air of spare parts from other regions of the USSR to the Latvian Assembly plant in Jelgava (40 km South-West of Riga). May 31, 1991 from Kiev to Riga airport for these purposes arrived the first plane An-26. And two months later, sun flew its first flight Riga — Nizhniy Novgorod — Riga.

On the way to success

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the reorganization of the factory in December 1994, a division of RAF-Avia was transformed into a joint stock company with the Latvian state as one of the shareholders. The company is focused on performing commercial flights for third-party customers.

By the end of 2017 RAF-Avia carried 4,800 tons of various cargoes, for 5 months 2018 — 2100 tons

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